• Our vision

    We are IoT specialists operating on the very edge of what IoT can do


    What we do

    We guide our clients through the process of creating real-world value from IoT in their business processes. In addition to our deep understanding of IoT, we have a broad network of industry-leading partners


    The Internet-of-Things revolution is in full swing, generating great value for businesses, individuals and governments. As internet connected devices become omnipresent, we believe that it is more important than ever to empower everyone to be able to ride the wave

    Founder Joris showing the brick product

    Our mission

    ULTRA IoT was founded by Joris Lam, Antoine Zenié and Philip Mebius with the mission to make IoT more accessible, develop more efficient and to create value by generating data that matters




  • What makes us different


    More than a technology company

    Environmental & air quality scientists able to provide actionable recommendations


    More than physical devices

    Data and insights on real time custom dashboard


    More than one device type

    Modular, making it customisable and upgradable


    More than one connectivity

    Experience with LoRa, NB-IoT, LTE-M, Sigfox, GSM, Wi-Fi, BLE

  • Meet the Team!

    Joris Lam founder

    Joris Lam

    Product & Design

    Design, technology and marketing

    Antoine Zenié founder

    Antoine Zenié

    Data, Analytics & Strategy

    Data science, insights and strategy

    Philip Mebius founder

    Philip Mebius

    Finance & Business

    Business, finance and investment

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