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    Generate customised real world data insights and validate IoT use cases

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    Who we are

    We are an IoT insights start-up based in London and Amsterdam.


    Our solutions create relevant insights for our clients using our modular sensors together with our data analytics platform.


    We focus on applications to help our clients improve understanding about planning, processes and operations.


    Our clients and partners include councils, mobility companies, real estates and retailers.

    Founder Joris showing the brick product

    Our mission

    Testing and validating various IoT use cases is a time consuming and expensive process. And for each organisation the challenges, data and insights are different.


    Our mission is to simplify and democratise this process.  

  • What makes us different


    Science first, the tech after

    Insights & data analytics starts with understanding exactly what we're looking at


    Not just another data platform

    We combine existing data sources with our own proprietary sensors to gain unparalleled insights


    A modular mindset

    Everything we develop, we develop modular making our solutions easily customisable and upgradable

  • Meet the founders

    Joris Lam founder

    Joris Lam

    Product & design

    Technology visionary and community builder

    Antoine Zenié founder

    Antoine Zenié

    Data & strategy

    Cambridge engineer and data cruncher

    Philip Mebius founder

    Philip Mebius

    Business & finance

    Finance professional and business developer

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