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Developing our DIY-AI kit with SIDN

A new partnership between SIDN fund and ULTRA IoT

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Last week we got a call from the Netherlands congratulating us on securing funding from the SIDN fund with our application for a DIY-AI kit.

SIDN is the Dutch cooperation for internet domain and hosting providers which supports a range of digital initiatives aimed at making the internet better and more accessible for all.

When we started ULTRA IoT, our core value was, and still is, to make the Internet-of-Things more accessible to all, by simplifying development and creating simple tools for everyone to use.

A few months ago we thought during a brainstorm about how we could make Machine Learning and AI more simple. Tom, one of our engineers, came up with the idea to train an algorithm using a LEGO train set he had bought for Christmas. (full disclosure, Tom is in his 30’s and married, but we all like LEGO far too much!).

We built a simple experiment which allowed us to put our sensor bricks on the LEGO train to teach the software how to determine various speeds and tracks, and the easiest way to explain ML was born.

Now with SIDN, we are going to take this one step further. With their support and funding, we are creating an integrated hardware and software package that allows anyone to get going with AI and ML, create their own experiments and learn about these technologies that will inevitably shape the future.

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