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London Tech Week Highlights

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This week we took part of the annual London Tech Week, a week filled with innovation, startups and new technologies in one of our cities. We found 5G and the convergence between IoT and AI to be the two most interesting topics in our sector.


During the TechXLR8 event in ExCel London, a large 5G pavilion was built to showcase all the opportunities this new communication standard will bring.

Big players like Nokia and Huawei demonstrated future uses of this technology, which will reshape cities as we know them. 5G will be key to the development of autonomous vehicles, IoT, Smart Cities and security.

IoT / AI

IoT is starting to enter in the mainstream and is maturing from a smart gadget technology to adding value technology across many different sectors.

During London Tech Week there were many examples of different applications of IoT technology, however the most interesting ones are where IoT is part of a larger solution, like an integration with a smart city and existing data sets.

A lot of startups now offer solutions which allow you to combine and make sense of different types of datasets using AI and Machine Learning. To make sense of the vast amounts of data generated by IoT devices, smart software is required to find trends and relations humans could never uncover.

We also saw some early attempts to bring Machine Learning to the edge by using light models which run on IoT devices themselves.

Another interesting new development is the release of Android Things, Google's ecosystem for connected devices. As there are so many developers already familiar with developing for Android platform, this could really seed up new product development and deployment.

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