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Shenzhen update #1

Our founding team is exploring new opportunities, partnerships and manufacturing in Shenzhen, China this month.

Joris was the first to arrive and has explored how the local sourcing of components works in this vibrant hardware capitol of the world.

For starters, the mega-market in Huaqianbei, or HQB in short, features an endless amount of vendors representing factories and distributor of parts. Anything that can be found in consumer electronics can be sourced here.

To navigate the vast amount of components, Joris uses the book ‘Essential guide to electronics in Shenzhen’ and an old-school calculator to communicate component specifications to local vendors.

After carefully reviewing various samples and testing the new components for quality standards and international certifications we place orders with the factories these vendors represent.

There is an incredible amount of choice per component so a lot of time is spent on finding the part that is just right for the job.

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