• Case studies

    We guide businesses through the process of creating value from IoT



    Client: PostNL, a leading Dutch mail, parcel and e-commerce organisation


    Problem: Throughout the delivery process, PostNL could not monitor the location and circumstances for loss and food safety



    • Real time tracking of their assets

    • Better understanding of their operations processes as well as food safety criteria

    Marineterrein / topsektor logistiek

    Client: Marineterrein & Topsector Logistiek, a campus in Amsterdam and a logistics company operating within it


    Problem: Lacks insights between noise and air pollution and the effect of logistics’ truck unloading on the campus



    • Causes and sources of air & noise pollution

    • Best times to unload logistic trucks depending on weather, days and time of the day

  • DATA


    Client: Transport for Greater Manchester (TfGM)


    Problem: Manchester has severe problems with air pollution, breaking the limits by over 50% in 2017.


    Data Insights:

    • Best times to dynamically change traffic lights in order to reduce hot spots of air pollution caused by congestion

    • Sources of air pollution and level of exposure


    Client: Marineterrein, a real estate innovation campus in Amsterdam


    Problem: Marineterrein wants to promote its space among the citizens and businesses of Amsterdam


    Data Insight:

    • How better is the level of air quality, noise and space use in the campus with respect to the centre of Amsterdam



    Client: Deloitte & IPP


    Introduce to rapid prototyping IoT solutions using LEGO and Design Thinking methods. During the workshop, participants created a complete smart city with sensors, IoT tech and LEGO models.

    1. Understanding the value of connected objects

    2. Ultra rapid prototyping

    3. Network and systems thinking


    Client: Rijkswaterstaat, the directorate general for public works & water management in the Netherlands


    Using Design Thinking methodologies, IoT sensors and LEGO smart city models to educate and ideate new solutions to solve current transport problems, such as congestion, air pollution and bike lanes infrastructure.

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