• ULTRA Urban


    Urban and environmental monitoring solution


    Improving our living & working environment starts with gaining insights based on reliable data


    Our expertise is on four segments: Smart cities; Construction; Real Estate and Transport

  • Air, noise and footfall monitoring for environmental insights


    Combination of devices and data analytics dashboard

  • What makes us different


    More than a technology company

    Environmental & air quality scientists able to provide actionable recommendations


    More than physical devices

    Data and insights on real time custom dashboard


    More than one device type

    Modular, making it customisable and upgradable


    More than one connectivity

    Experience with LoRa, NB-IoT, LTE-M, Sigfox, GSM, Wi-Fi, BLE

  • Example applications

    Air quality, noise and footfall mapping and monitoring

    Dynamic traffic management

    Locating and quantifying air and noise pollutants

    Analysing the implications of pollutants on health

    Data feed into predictive models

    Predicting air quality and noise hotspots

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